How To Grow Your Hair Long & Beautiful: For All Hair Types

Are you struggling with dry, brittle, damaged hair that seems not to grow no matter what you do? Then this book is for you. It’s filled with everything you need to not only grow long, strong and beautiful hair no matter what the texture, but also to maintain the growth. Whether you’ve got pin straight, curly, wavy or kinky hair - this book has every secret to get you to your goal hair length.

  • Secret methods used to grow your hair 1-2 inches in just 7 days (normal growth is 0.5 inches per month) we’ll show you how to get this in just one week!
  • Exact hair care routines to follow - includes Weekly and Daily
  • The list of products that are causing your hair to be lifeless and dull and could possibly be poisoning you
  • Hair Care products to avoid and tons of recipes you can make yourself at home
  • Secret recipes for hair growth, dry hair, dandruff, grey hair, to get more shine in your hair, to thicken hair, brighten blonde hair, enrich brunette hair and more

This is just some of the wonderful information you’ll find in this book. Thousands of women have grown their hair using the information in this book. Now you can too. 

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How To Grow Your Hair Long & Beautiful: Take your hair from blah to beautiful

Andrea (Andreas Choice) Without Makeup

Andrea from AndreasChoice is one of the most prolific and beautiful beauty gurus on Youtube. What she looks like without makeup and whether she has had a nose job are two of the most common searched items on this site so I decided to add the images and you can have a look for yourself.
Hair Growth Genie



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Hair Myths

Now that you know what’s in those products you are using - lets take a look at marketing myths used to sell more hair and skin products.
Natural Products - Are They Really Natural ?
In cosmetic, food and product terminology, the term "natural" is used when the manufacturer does not use more than 70% organic ingredients and methods and thus would not get a government certification to certify the products as organic. 
Thus the only word that matters is “Organic” and not “Natural” The manufacturers know this. They have to comply with a ton of standards in order to simply get their products on the shelves. They however also know that it is a lot more expensive to make organic products as organic farming is a small percentage compared to the majority.
Organic means that products or food are made avoiding any synthetic chemicals and the farm is free of synthetic chemicals used in irrigation. The levels to determine the labeling of natural or organic products is as follows. Look at the labels to give you an idea of just how many ingredients are indeed organic.